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Stedfast Band


The Stedfast Band 2011



Now where did those instruments go??

(From L) Front Row: Fred Newell, Adeleh Davis, Brian Daly, Annie Daly, Dietgard O'Brien

Row 2: Michael Boylan, Derek Hohn, Philip Daley, Rodney Beste

Row 3: George McLean, Adrian Corcoran, David Haisley, Gerry Heney, Ken Bateson

Row 4: Kevin Teers, John Dyer, Mark Henderson, Sebastien Petiet, Bobby Oak

Back Row: Michael Scholz, Peter O'Callaghan, Stuart Ryder, Mihael Teaca, Peter Lundy


Cornet Section


The Cornet Section

Back Row (from L): Sebastien Petiet, Michael Boylan, Stuart Ryder, Adrian Corcaran

Front Row (from L): Peter Lundy, Dietgard O'Brien, Adeleh Davis


Cornet Section


Deep concentration from the Cornets


Horns & Basses


The Horn & Bass Sections working hard.

Back Row (from L): Philip Daley, John Dyer, Michael Scholz, Fred Newell

Front Row (from L): David Haisley, Mark Henderson, Peter O'Callaghan, Kevin Teers


Solo & 1st Horn


Solo Horn, Kevin Teers (Right) & 1st Horn, Peter O'Callaghan


1st & 2nd Horn


Peter decides to grab 40 winks - but manages to keep playing!


Flugel & 2nd Horn


Flugel Horn, David Haisley and 2nd Horn, Mark Henderson keep a close eye on the conductor


Euphoniums & Trombones


The Euphonium & Trombone sections

Back Row (from L): Mihael Teaca, Ken Bateson, Annie Daly

Front Row (from L): Rodney Beste, Gerry Heaney, Derek Hohn, George McLean


Annie Daly


Solo Trombone, Annie Daly


George McLean


Solo Euphonium, George McLean


Ken Bateson


2nd Trombone and Founder Member of Stedfast Band, Ken Bateson, still going strong at 87


2nd Baritone & Bass Trombone


2nd Baritone, Rodney Beste, gets an earful from Bass Trombone, Mihael Teaca


Peter Lundy


Principal Cornet, Peter Lundy, enjoys some half-time relaxation


Sebastien Petiet


Soprano Cornet, Sebastien Petit, warms up pre-concert


Brian Daly


Musical Director, Brian Daly


Past Band Members

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The Stedfast Band in 1960

Stedfast Brass Band 1960

The Stedfast Band in 1960

view members still in band

The Brass Band in 1990

The Band in 1990

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